Web Maintenance

What is web maintenance about?

It's about keeping your website up-to-date in two ways: one, that the information in it about your business is still true, and two, that the software that delivers the content is safe and working with all devices and browsers. It shouldn't be too hard to do, but anyone who's ever had a website knows that it's easier said than done. We can help you by setting up periodic maintenance rounds with you and getting them done.

Normally, it can take us between one and two hours to update content on a typical website of up to 6 pages. We recommend a minimum of one monthly set of changes.

To carry out maintenance work on your web page, we'll meet with you and go over the response of your users to your page to determine if we need to put more information in a certain area, or clarify it, or you may have new photos or products to add. We make a list of work items and quote it. Work starts after your approval.

For those of you who need to make changes daily or weekly, we recomment using a Content Management System like WordPress or Joomla, which you'll use to be able to carry out the changes yourself, without prior knowledge of programming or web design. We offer tutoring so you can learn to use your Content Management System. Typically, people learn the basics in a couple of sessions of 2 hours each. We also offer the service of installing the security upgrades for WordPress and Joomla.


Can Webmax Costa Rica do maintenance on a website created by another company?

Yes, most of the time this is possible.


Why bother with web maintenance?

1. An updated, working website talks about your company.  It says that it is organized enough to tend to something apparently superfluous like its own website, and is therefore capable of taking on new clients. It says that your company does not let things slide. Have you ever chosen or rejected a company based on their website? Was it outdated? Did it have spelling mistakes and broken links?

2. Search engines like Google grant more importance to recent content. They know exactly when was the last time the content was updated. This means that in order to achieve and maintain good search engine rankings, periodic maintenance is essential.

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Deal of the Month!

Web Maintenance Package


Prepay 10 hours of web maintenance work for only $199!

You can use the 10 hours over one full year. The hours can be used to:

  • make changes of text and photos on your website
  • update the software on your WordPress or Joomla
  • add functionality to your website
  • perform troubleshooting
  • give you phone support or tutoring