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Potencia Fluida y Mecánica

Import and sales of specialized industrial machinery in Costa Rica.

Potencia Fluida y Mecánica was one of Webmax Costa Rica's first clients, back from the 1990's, when all we did was graphic design. In Webmax Costa Rica, Potencia Fluida y Mecánica found a partner in their aggressive, yet financially limited, advertising campaigns over the years.

Nowadays Potencia Fluida y Mecánica is the leading provider in Costa Rica for specialized industrial machinery. Their internal needs grew to a point in which they needed to come up with a tool to administer their quoting system. Together we went on to develop a personalized, cloud-based CRM/intranet so all salespersons, those traveling and those in the offices, could all have access to it any time using their desktop computers or just their phones. This CRM/intranet is an extension of their Joomla website, and has had very close to 100% uptime since its deployment in 2014.

Visit www.pfmcr.com.