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Cooperative that offers financial and other services to its members.

Back in 2008, Coopeasamblea's General Manager had the idea of reducing the work load on Client Service staff. It turns out that way too many of their clients were requesting their account balances over the phone, and Client Service staff had to send them via email, fax, or sometimes even read them over the phone, as too many of their clients lacked faxes or computers, and there were no smartphones.

Webmax Costa Rica designed a simple, yet effective online account consultation website. Each user has an account which he/she accesses via a username and password, and can then see his/her own data. The office staff uploads the new information containing the users' data as it becomes available.

This system has had numerous upgrades since 2008, and we are planning another major one, but has had an uptime of close to 100% and no security issues.

Visit www.coopeasamblea.or.cr.