About Webmax Costa Rica

What Our Clients Say About Us

"We have worked with Adela and Webmax for years. Webmax very quickly became an integral part of our hotel business as we would discuss and implement web marketing activities pretty much every month. Adela keeps up to date on the technology as well as things like security and backup. Thanks to her efforts, for example, we have never lost a thing - she has even resurrected things from the dead, a rare occurrence on the planet and even rarer with web masters. We are very happy to endorse the work of Webmax and hope to continue what has become a marvelous relationship for years to come."

Berni Jubb
Pura Vida Hotel

"I have 30 years of marketing and business management experience -- for both large companies and small companies. I can say I’ve worked with high priced, large and world-class creative and web services agencies around the world. For small and medium sized businesses, Adela is a one stop shop; I have worked with Adela on various marketing and website promotion projects since 2004. I continue to work with Adela on website related projects. I highly recommend her to any business looking for a talented, “can do”, creative, and high energy marketing and website professional services agency.

Adela and I have worked together on: logo design and brand identity, web design, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and pay per click advertising, and e-commerce. Adela is a great pleasure to work with. It’s amazing how multi-talented she is — from high level business strategy, to creative design, to geeky technical work. And she always shows patience while exhibiting energy to go the extra mile and get things done.

I can’t wait to work with Adela on my next project!"

Manuel Torres
AlphaGraphics San Francisco, CA

"CostaTierra Teak Plantations S.A. ist ein costa-ricanisches Unternehmen, das in Guanacaste ehemalige Rinderfarmen mit Teakbäumen aufforstet und diese dann an internationale Investoren verkauft. Zur Erreichung potentieller Kunden und deren Vorab-Information ist eine attraktive und informative Webpräsenz von größter Bedeutung.

Webmax Costa Rica hat auf Basis von CostaTierra zur Verfügung gestellten Informationen und Medien innerhalb von kurzer Zeit eine voll funktionsfähige Internetseite erstellt. Dabei wurde unsere Anforderung nach optisch ansprechender Gestaltung bei gleichzeitig einfachen Aktualisierungen durch unsere eigenen Mitarbeitern voll erfüllt. Bei technischen Problemen oder bei Änderungswünschen hat Webmax immer schnell und kompetent reagiert. Weiterhin ist hervorzuheben, dass unser engen Budgetvorgaben eingehalten wurden.

CostaTierra kann deshalb eine Zusammenarbeit mit Webmax bei vergleichbaren Projekten uneingeschränkt empfehlen."

Bernd Müller

Working with Webmax Costa Rica


  1. Good return on your investment.
  2. Responsibility, professional zeal and transparency. We advise what's convenient for you and not necessarity for us, which explains why we're not millionaires.
  3. Company experience and stability: with about 20 years in the digital design market, we're not about to go away. You can bet we'll still be there when you need us.
  4. Client retention is based on quality service and not on holding your domain "hostage".


  1. You will always be able to find a cheaper web designer or programmer. If all you care about is your short-term savings, please don't contact us.
  2. We give your work the same treatment you give our invoices. This means that clients with impeccable payment record get their work done before anyone else. If your company policy is to let invoices fossilize before paying them, Webmax is not for you.

Every project Webmax Costa Rica undertakes is the product of teamwork among several professionals, rotating the assignment toward the next person according to the phase the project is on. We often get input from marketers, copywriters, programmers, photographers or other specialists that are hired for a specific job or are already working for the client.

Meet the Team!

  • Adela Ruffatti

    Webmaster | 6 years of formal university instruction in engineering, computer science and art in 3 different countries. 10+ years of experience in digital design. Languages: html5, php, css, css3, mysql, and some java for Android, also English, Italian, Spanish and some German.

  • Andrés Jacobowitz

    Web Designer | Andrés knows html, css, a lot of Joomla and some WordPress. He speaks fluent English and is a patient instructor.

  • Eunice Grimaldi

    Intern | Recently graduated as Product Designer from Veritas University, she is currently completing an internship in Webmax Costa Rica. Eunice is fluent in English and Spanish and speaks some Italian. She recently completed an Intro to Interaction Design Summer School Workshop from CIID.

  • Fabio C. Fallas

    Web / Graphic Designer | Advanced student of Systems Engineering, he specializes in general web design, Joomla! design and tutoring, html5, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, SEM and Community Manager.

Future of Webmax Costa Rica

Like any company with survival insticts, we are constantly renovating. Among our plans:

  • Make and add to this website a bunch of ecommerce website demos with different payment integration platforms so it'll be easier for the client to choose what's best.
  • Mass sell a web-based CRM and document tracking system, simple enough for users with minimal computer knowlege, based on Joomla and RSFormPro. The system is already in production phase.
  • Place more of our clients on the first page of Google results for their chosen keywords.


Webmax Costa Rica's Beginnings

Operations started in Costa Rica in 1990 by doing manual and photomechanic graphic design. Around 1995 we started doing digital graphic design, when that was a total novelty. The company was then called AR Expresiones Gráficas, constituted in 1998. When our clients started requesting websites in about 2003, we directed resources toward training in this area. For some time we did both graphic and web design. Having suffered the limitations of printed media for so long, we feel the web has liberated us, and that's why we work web content with such passion. We won't design anything for print anymore unless you really insist.